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Massage therapy is a very useful modality for a wide range of medical conditions. At Newbold Chiropractic, our licensed therapists provide massage therapy to our clients in Half Moon Bay, El Granada, Moss Beach, Montara CA.

Over the past few decades, a great deal of scientific research has been done on the benefits of massage therapy. Studies show massage to help reduce stress, pain, and muscle tension. These benefits make massage a great complementary treatment to chiropractic care and help improve your health.

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Therapeutic Benefits of Massage

Massage therapy can help improve immune function and promotes healthy blood circulation. Massage can provide quick and lasting relief for sore muscles or knots caused by stress or a new workout routine.

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Hot Stone

Soothing basalt river stones are used to allow a deeper massage while radiant heat promotes full body relaxation. Heat is one of the quickest ways to alleviate muscle tension and break up adhesions. This modality targets an array of issues ranging from chronic neck pain to sciatica.



Designed for expecting mothers to improve sleep and provide whole body relief. Prenatal massage not only reduces anxiety and can be essential in aiding pre/postpartum depression; it targets lower back and hip tension to aide in a healthy pregnancy and delivery. Pregnancy specific bolsters are placed between the legs, arms and under the neck to ensure maximum comfort.

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Deep Tissue

This customized session targets deep muscle and fascia to release tension, prolong muscle performance and maintain healthy blood flow. Benefits of deep tissue include arthritis relief, lowered blood pressure, increased circulation, chronic and acute pain reduction and more.

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A fully customized aromatic experience to deepen breath and open pathways relaxing you from head to toe. Essential oils are utilized to open the sinuses, improve mood, and relieve stress. Consult your therapist for a recommendation.



A treatment designated to relieve chronic muscle tension faster than traditional massage alone. Cupping is used to release painful trigger points, break up scar tissue and improve blood and lymph circulation. Treatments are performed in tandem with traditional massage in order to maximize lymph drainage and promote circulation.



CBD massage has been proven to reduce tension and aid in relieving chronic pain. CBD has relaxing properties and, when coupled with massage, can provide immediate pain relief to acute areas.


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