Newbold Chiropractic

Welcome to Newbold Chiropractic on the Coastside in El Granada, CA, just north of Half Moon Bay. Newbold Chiropractic is dedicated to promoting healthy living through chiropractic care, active release, proprioception neuromuscular facilitation PNF, massage, exercise, Nutritional Response Technique NRT and education. This website is a resource to gain access to health information, exercises to promote spinal health and services offered at Newbold Chiropractic.


Below are the treatments available at Newbold Chiropractic. Click on the desired treatment to find out the benefits.

The Doctors

Nancy Newbold, D.C. Practicing on the coast for nearly 35 years, Dr. Newbold specializes in family care, working with people from infancy throughout all phases of adulthood and with generations of families. She sees people as individuals with their own specific needs. Her treatment goal is to help each individual to achieve their best health through chiropractic adjustments, neuromuscular release, and nutrition.

Sidhartha Jandial, D.C. Dr. Jandial’s purpose is to serve patients and their individual needs. It is his objective to help patients achieve personal goals through chiropractic care as well as providing patients specific tools to manage their own health through proper posture, ergonomics, exercise, and diet. Through the utilization of specific chiropractic techniques and therapies, he is able to help patients accelerate and maintain good overall health.