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We use many chiropractic techniques. The most frequently used are Diversified, Thompson Drop, and Sacral Occipital Technique (SOT). We also utilize various stretch and strengthening techniques to address the muscles and connective tissue involved.

We may use any variety of these techniques in one visit to get the desired results. We choose the type of adjustment that will fit you best.

Diversified adjusting is the main form of adjusting taught at chiropractic schools. The doctor uses her hands to adjust the spine and joints. The doctor will position the patient and then apply direct and controlled pressure. Sometimes a pop is heard, however this is not the adjustment, rather a side effect of the adjustment.

Thompson Drop technique utilizes a drop table. These tables have levers which raise the body part and then pressure is applied to the body. The table drops only about two inches. This technique uses inertia to adjust the body.

Sacral Occipital Technique, also known as SOT, is a low force technique, in which blocks (look like wedges) are used. This technique works with the nervous system to re-align the bones.

Active Release Technique (ART) is a form of myofascial release. It is a way to work with chronic muscle tightness, injuries, repetitive stress injuries and scar tissue. ART breaks up the scar tissues and then with exercises and stretches, your body can recover and heal.

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) is a more advanced form of flexibility training that involves both the stretching and contraction of the muscle group being targeted. PNF stretching was originally developed as a form of rehabilitation, and to that effect it is very effective.

We will instruct you in ways to reinforce your adjustment at home to better help you reach stability of the affected area.


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