Dr. Sidhartha Jandial, M.P.H., D.C.



Dr. Jandial's journey toward becoming a chiropractor unfolded as a narrative marked by curiosity, academic exploration, and an unwavering commitment to health. Rooted in his experiences at UC Riverside and Loma Linda University, this path underscored his dedication to comprehending the body's innate healing abilities and integrating them into a comprehensive approach to well-being.

His fascination with the intricacies of the human body began at UC Riverside, where he pursued a biology degree. Exploring the biological underpinnings of health during these formative years sowed the seeds of a passion that would shape his trajectory toward chiropractic care.

The paradigm shift occurred as Dr. Jandial's academic journey led him to explore various healthcare approaches, culminating in the discovery of chiropractic care. This holistic paradigm, centered around the body's innate ability to heal itself when properly aligned, marked a departure from conventional healthcare. This realization set the stage for a journey that harmonized scientific knowledge with a holistic approach to health and well-being.

Continuing education at Loma Linda University, he pursued a Master's in Public Health (MPH). This program broadened his perspective on healthcare, emphasizing preventive measures, community health, and the interconnectedness of various factors influencing well-being. The MPH seamlessly integrated into his chiropractic philosophy, enriching his understanding of health beyond the individual.

The turning point came when Dr. Jandial witnessed the transformative power of chiropractic care in someone close to him. Struggling with chronic back pain, conventional approaches failed until chiropractic care brought miraculous relief. This personal encounter reinforced his belief in an equilibrium of physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

With a newfound purpose, Dr. Jandial embarked on chiropractic education, marking a transformative phase. The comprehensive curriculum provided an understanding of the musculoskeletal system's impact on health. The chiropractic philosophy, emphasizing the body's self-healing capabilities, resonated with the holistic perspective instilled during his MPH studies.

His journey is a convergence of experiences at UC Riverside, Loma Linda University, and the transformative power of chiropractic care, shaping his commitment to empowering individuals on their paths to wellness. Stepping into the role of a chiropractor, he carries this responsibility with great reverence. The ongoing journey is marked by continuous growth, learning, and a dedication to fostering positive change.

In essence, Dr. Jandial's narrative unfolds with a deep sense of purpose, believing that through chiropractic care, the body's innate potential for healing can be unlocked, contributing to a ripple effect of positive change in the lives of those he serves. As he embarks on this healing journey, the lessons learned at UC Riverside and Loma Linda University illuminate a path prioritizing the well-being of individuals and communities alike.

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